Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

How far in advance should we book you for our wedding?

Typically, couples book me about 13 months before their wedding date. I encourage you to reach out as soon as possible about my availability, even if you’re planning on a shorter time frame.

Will you pencil in my wedding date?

In fairness to my clients, I operate on a first-come-first-served basis. If you provide a signed agreement and retainer payment, that makes us official.

Do you have insurance?

I do! Just let me know if your venue requires a certificate of liability, and I’ll send that over to them.

How many photographs will we receive?

Depending on the number of guests and the amount of activity taking place, I typically deliver an average of 50-100 photos per hour of wedding coverage. Items that may impact the number of photos include the number of guests, traditions, type of venue (simple or elaborate), cultural traditions, wedding details, and/or a second photographer.

Will you edit all of our photographs?

Definitely. All final images will be edited for color, saturation, exposure, contrast, and sharpness to ensure they look beautiful. I also offer retouching services like blemish removal, teeth whitening, braces removal for an additional charge.

Can you process some wedding photos as black and white?

All wedding packages now include the option for a duplicate set of black and white images. These are available upon request and free of charge. If you’re not interested in a full set, you can leave it to the artist’s discretion and I will provide a handful of key images that translate well in a black and white process.

How long will it take to see our photos?

I provide a complimentary sneak peek of selected images one week after the wedding (optional). The turnaround time of the final gallery varies by season, usually 6-8 weeks after your wedding. If you have a USB drive as part of your package, it will be mailed directly to you following the release of the gallery.

What is a Sneak Peek?

A sneak peek includes selected photos (up to 50) from your wedding day that will be included in a blog post. The wedding couple always receives the notification about their blogpost write-up first and their sneak-peek online gallery. Following the viewing of photos, the sneak peek images will be posted in a gallery on Facebook and a carousel post on Instagram for family and social sharing, if desired. Note that sneak peeks are OPTIONAL. You can also elect to wait until your entire gallery is complete and see everything at once. It’s similar to watching a couple of episodes of your favorite Netflix show, or binge-watching everything at once. You choose!

Can I share my photos on social media?

“Yes, please share your photos! Photo sharing on social sites is easiest through your personal online gallery. Simply find the photo you want to share, click on the arrow and share to Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

A photo byline (Photo by Anne Stephenson) or Photo credit 📷: Anne Stephenson is always appreciated.

What is a Print Release?

A print release is a document that you can provide to your photographic lab when ordering prints. It essentially states that your photographer gives the lab permission to print photographs from the digital files for your own use.

Are there any hidden fees? My sister hired a photographer and found out after the fact she needed to pay again for the photos she selected.

There are no hidden fees. The estimate I provide outlines the services, digital files, and release you receive after the event (along with anything else you decide to order as an option, like a photo book or album). Depending on where your photos are delivered or downloaded, there may be some sales tax I am required to collect for your community, but that is a normal part of the retail process. The process is straightforward. There are no additional amounts or ransom fees to receive your final photos.

I’ve heard some Colorado locations require permits. Are they expensive? How does the permit process work?

Yes, many popular state and city locations require permits in Colorado. These depend on the type of location and local regulations. Permits are used by city and government agencies to understand who will be filming in the area. The fees typically go toward the upkeep of the area.

Often, hefty fines are enacted if you do not have the appropriate permits required for commercial photography. This applies to portrait, engagement, and wedding sessions.

The venue you booked with for your event, however, will typically give you access to their facility as part of your package. Check with your sales manager and wedding coordinator to see if you have access for that day and/or other days, such as for a separate engagement or bridal session.

Regardless of the type of location, I work with my clients to ensure compliance. Many times a certificate of insurance is required upon filing an application. The fees vary from free to several hundred dollars depending on the number of people in your group, number of hours, and the types of equipment that will be used.

Click here to visit the permits page for additional links to sites and their permit applications.

Why and how do you charge sales tax?

The state of Colorado requires sales tax to be charged based on the point of delivery for physical products and digital assets, such as electronic images. This does not apply to the service portion of photography packages.

Is there any advice you can give on looking your best when photographed?

The best thing to do? Eliminate stress and exhaustion the week before your big day! I know it’s not easy, but try to complete all of your tasks ahead of time.

And, appoint someone you trust (usually a friend not in the wedding party) to make decisions for you on the wedding day. Exhaustion and stress impacts your physical appearance and your mood, which will show in your photos.

Giving yourself some time to breathe and relax will show positively in your photos. And you’ll have more fun!

Do you photograph LGBTQ+ Weddings?

Yes, absolutely!

Do you also offer video services?

No, not at this time. I prefer focusing on photography only, so you can get the best wedding pictures possible.

What’s your backup plan if you can’t photograph our wedding as planned?

In my 10 years+ of experience as a wedding photographer, I’ve never canceled a booking. In the very rare event that I’m unable to photograph your wedding, I’ll make sure you’re covered by one of my colleagues. I’ll also provide you with a list of photographers from the many networking groups I’m in, so you can find the perfect replacement.

Are you vaccinated for COVID-19?

Yes, I have received both doses and a booster.

Can I watch you work on your next job?

While I’m flattered that you want to hang out with me, I owe it to my clients to stay focused when I’m on assignment. So, unfortunately, no. Thank you so much, though, for asking!

Have you ever photographed someone famous?

Yes. I photographed Ty Burrell of the sitcom Modern Family and his wife Holly during a fundraising event for a local public radio station. He was gracious, kind, and personable throughout the evening to those attending and to the staff.

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If your question isn’t listed, please feel free to contact me!