Anne Stephenson Photo & Narrative YouTube Channel

by Anne
Anne Stephenson Photo & Narrative YouTube Channel

Are you digitally oriented? Looking to streamline your home and minimize all the paper?

Many of my customers decide to forego printing their images and simply request a USB stick of their special event photographs. Why not? It makes sense to have a digital record of ALL their weddings or other special events in a nice compact package. However, a simple USB of images doesn’t tell the story of your day in a concise way.
Imagine subjecting your family to scrolling through an album of 200 to 300 images of your wedding day! Without taking the time to consolidate the images into a story (what print albums do nicely), you drown in the details vs seeing the big picture of your day, too.

To better tell digital stories,  I now offer my customers a video-style slide show with royalty free music for posting on social media. I find that culling the images to a select few and pairing those with music, tells a compelling story that you can easily share. With licensed music, you can also be assured that your video won’t be pulled down due to music copyright issues.

The next time you’re binge watching on You Tube, stop by the Anne Stephenson Photo & Narrative YouTube Channel. I’ve put together several play lists of videos of special events I’ve photographed including:

Here’s what the first page of the channel looks like. From here you can click on the selected playlists to see videos related to specific topics:

Anne Stephenson Photo & Narrative YouTube Channel

Anne Stephenson Photo & Narrative YouTube Channel



If you’re wondering how to create your own video, it’s a fairly easy process. While there are several apps available, I’m partial to Animoto. I find it easy to use with lots of options for templates and music. Videos make a great gift for when you’re struggling to come up with the perfect something that’s different. If you need assistance with making a personal video, contact me for an estimate. I’d be happy to help create an electronic story for you.


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