Backups and More

by Anne
Backups and More

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Happy 1st of March! Time for Backups Anne’s Friday Five – Backups and More

It’s been a crazy week. How about yours? My iMac decided not to boot up on Monday. After trying every trick in the book, I ended up at the Apple Genius Bar for some technical help. Fortunately, I didn’t need a motherboard or a new internal drive. Or, anything expensive for that matter. And, I had backups. Yay!

I just needed to erase and repartition the drive. This meant reinstalling programs, settings and reinstalling from the backup, which all took a goodly amount of time. Honestly, I’d much rather be creating photographs and doing something fun, like writing this blog.

So now that the I’m restored and ready, here we go on this week’s inspiration:

PSA: Make BackUps of Your Files

A woman holds a crystal USB stick. Always remember to make backups of your data.
Back up all USB drives on additional media or in the cloud.

With that lead in for the week, you probably saw this next piece of advice coming:

Immediately after you receive your digital files from your photographer, do this one thing: Make a backup copy.

And do it again. 🙂

Store your backups in different locations for extra security.

Also make sure to duplicate your files and store those in the cloud for additional protection.

Why make backups?

  • You never know when the kids might scramble for a drive and write over your USB. (Oops!)
  • Somehow that drive got misplaced the last time you moved.
  • Your drive failed due to reasons beyond your control.

As one of my friends always says: It’s never a matter of IF something will crash, die, fail. It’s a matter of WHEN. So be prepared.

It’s always a good idea to check your photographer’s contract to gain a clear understanding of the archive policy. Look for the time range for the archive files and the types of files stored. This may provide insight on how quickly you will need to make backups of your images vs risking losing them.

In case you’re wondering, I offer my clients a 6-month archive policy. And, I’m a fanatic about backing things up throughout my process from the day I take the photos until the final delivery of your USB.

So go ahead. Make that backup and rest easy.

Quick Tip: Put Your Money On the Wedding Bouquet Toss

Try adding some cold, hard cash to your toss-away bouquet for more participation in the bouquet toss.
Two women compete for the toss-bouquet at a wedding.
The bride has added cash to the bouquet as an inspiration to entice more guests to participate.

Most single ladies (and men) groan every time they get rounded up for the wedding and bouquet toss.

Supposing that you are hosting a traditional wedding you might want to consider this neat trick: Include some cash in your throw-away bouquet.

Your guests may become a little more inspired to participate. And, leave a little richer for trying.

Date Night: Adventures at the Spice Store

Looking to spice up your date night? This week’s inspiration does exactly that.

Here’s how: Head over to your nearest local neighborhood retail spice store and explore. Engage your eyes, nose, fingers and even tastebuds, provided there are samples.

At our local Penzeys spice store, for example, there are sample jars meant to be sniffed. Challenge your partner to engage his nose in a contest of “What’s that spice?” See who identifies correctly the most spices out of 15 samples for bragging rights.

Then, find a couple of new spices to bring home. Look for the smallest jar sizes or even smaller sample packets to keep the budget friendly. Use your spices to make something new for dinner that night, provided you are handy in the kitchen!

All thumbs with cooking? Look for something simpler, like spices to jazz up bottled or jarred salsa. Or, add some spice blends to cream cheese, mix with a hand blender, and spread on crackers. The store clerks may also offer some recipe cards or suggestions. It’s easy to take prepared food to the next level by adding some dried spices.

For the finishing touch, see whether the store carries flavored salts for rimming and adding flavor to your favorite cocktail. Drink and eat up. Cheers!

It’s Never Too Late to Make an Album or Photo Book

It's never too late to turn your digital wedding photographs into an album or photo book.

Nothing beats curling up on the couch or bed with your book and flipping through pages of memories. Seeing your love story in print defines your relationship into something solid and permanent.

Even if several months (or years have gone by) you can still create an album or photo book with the help of your photographer.

Albums and photo books make excellent anniversary gifts for you and your significant other. Or, holiday gifts for your parents and in-laws the year after. They work great at solving the dilemma of what to get someone who has everything.

If you’re digital, you can also create a slide show or album of images to music. Ask your photographer for inspiration and details.

Quote of the Week:

A newly married couple takes a short break between the ceremony and reception to enjoy a beautiful walk along a lake.

“Walking with your hands in mine and mine in yours, that’s exactly where I want to be always.”

Fawn Weaver
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