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Wedding Food Trends

Creative, Personal and Sustainable Food Options

Once upon a time, weddings served up three-course sit-down dinners or an evening buffet.

Today, food and drink options on wedding days have evolved to creative, personal and even sustainable options.

This week’s Friday Five focuses on several wedding food trends in 2019 that may make their way to your plate. So pick up a fork and read on!


Winter at the Farm

Enjoy the Seasonal Beauty of Nature

Photographing a farm intermittently through a season gives you an opportunity to truly see the forces of nature and man at work.


Summer Squash

Early Summer at the Farm

Farewell spring greens, hello summer fruits and vegetables!

Early summer at the farm begins with paper-thin, golden blossoms and silky, twisting vines and tendrils. 

From here, pollinated summer flowers evolve into a burst of colorful squash, tomato, peppers, and cucumbers.


Savory Salt Lake 2015

Had_a_blast_volunteering_to_photograph_this_event_last_night.__savorysaltlake__anneshootsfood__badge__foodphotoThe sold-out Savory Salt Lake 2015 took place on Friday, May 22 at The Tower at Rice Eccles Stadium, Salt Lake City. This popular event brings together public radio listeners and area foodies to taste the best of Utah’s top restaurants and culinary establishments.

This year, celebrity judges included Ty Burrell (“Phil Dunphy” on television’s Modern Family) and his chef wife Holly Burrell along with Radio West’s Doug Fabrizio and food nerd Vanessa Chang.


Offerings "in the bag" for the week for the CSA.

In the CSA Bag

A Bounty of Harvest from the Farm

I’m part of a team of photographers that capture farm and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) produce images for one of our local farms in Provo. This week, I took on the challenge of showing a plethora of produce without it looking out of control for the weekly “In the Bag” shot. The CSA offers a generous amount of produce and while it’s tempting to put everything on display, it sometimes ends up overwhelming the frame. In considering my audience, I’m always aware of the perceptions that while it’s good to show a lot, less can be more. There’s a fine balance between the viewer saying, “Honey, these greens look beautiful, what should we cook this week?” vs. “OMG. Whatever am I to do with all this stuff?”


KUER Savory Salt Lake

The Tastes of Salt Lake Shine

Over 300 public radio lovers enjoyed food tastings and casting their vote for some of the best restaurants in Utah at KUER’s Savory Salt Lake held at The Leonardo on May 9, 2014. In addition to People’s Choice Awards, a team of celebrity judges — RadioWest host Doug Fabrizio, freelance food critic, Vanessa Chang, and silver medalist at the 2014 Winter Olympics, Devin Logan — selected their winners for the evening. Recognition went to Vinto receiving the people’s choice dessert award for their gelato and to R&R BBQ securing for the second year in a row both the people’s choice and judges’ awards for their quail egg-topped  brisket.