JPG Files

Best Image File Format

After your final photos are culled and color-corrected, they are exported as files with a JPG extension. This applies to your entire gallery of color and black and white photographs.

JPG Advantages

JPG files display up to 16.8 million colors while staying relatively small in size. That’s what makes it the go-to photographic file standard for photographers. 

Since they have a small size, you won’t spend hours upon hours downloading your wedding, event, or portrait files from your image gallery. Their small size means they will open faster on your phone or laptop, and when viewing online. 

JPEGs also don’t take up too much storage space. This makes them easy to back up and store multiple copies on portable hard drives and in the cloud. 

Smart Tip: Remember to always back up your final files on multiple devices and in the cloud.

Since the creation of the JPG standard in 1992, it remains the most popular image format around the world. 

For that reason, you can view your photographs in every image editing and viewing software available. Given its universality, JPG files will continue to be accessible in your lifetime and for future generations.

What Does JPG Stand For?

JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. This international organization standardized the file format during the late 1980s and early 1990s. It’s become the go-to file format for saving digital images. Most online images will download as .jpg files. Their small file sizes allow for quick transfer and fast access for viewing online. 

Essentially JPGs intelligently keep only the colors the human eye can pick out. This so-called lossy compression means that JPEGs keep their file size as small as possible. Complex images with a lot of different colors, like photographs, retain their quality in JPG format.

High-Resolution Print-Size JPGs

The JPG files you receive in your gallery are full-size images. Full-size images contain more information than re-sized photos. 

If you’re looking to display your images on a large monitor or on devices with a 4K/8K resolution, you will see amazing detail! 

Full-size files also allow you to print in larger sizes. This means simply that your printed photographs look better. 

High-resolution images also enable you to crop the files more closely if desired. If you would like to isolate just part of the image and crop away the rest, there is still enough quality on the smaller size image you created to generate a quality print. 

I provide full-size print-ready images in your final gallery. I do not charge a fee or try to upsell you to larger full-size images. You get the best quality image size available from the get-go.