Social Privacy and Confidentiality Agreements

Most clients grant me the right to include photos on my social media channels, publish them in my marketing, and print them for competitions. This means I may display your pictures in my website portfolio or on an editorial blog post. I do not mention names when publishing to keep my clients anonymous.

If you require privacy around your photos, I offer a Social Media Privacy and an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) option.

Social Media Privacy

Some clients ask that I refrain from posting their photos on social media. This sometimes happens due to high-profile jobs or positions, past marriage relationships, or protecting the identity of children. If someone feels uncomfortable with their photographs being published on social media, we amend the contract with revised mutually agreed to terms.


  • A remarried client did not want her previous spouse to have access to her photos on social media. She, however, felt comfortable with two of her photos being displayed in the website wedding gallery.
  • A group of doctors gathering for a reunion asked that their images not be posted on social media or used on the website in the galleries.
  • Parents of a young child acting as a ring bearer in a wedding requested that their son not be included in the social photos. They wanted him to give him the choice in the future to manage his own social media presence.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

An NDA creates a confidential relationship between us. With an NDA, I refrain from ever displaying your photographs on any channel, disclosing your name(s), or publicly discussing your event.

NDA Fees

An additional fee applies for an NDA.

  • Basic: $750
  • Celebrity: $2,500