Wait Time

Do you have a break between your main event and celebration for longer than two hours where photography is not needed?

If yes, a wait time fee applies.

Wait time fees apply when the photographer must remain nearby and can not perform any other work.

This typically occurs when you have two events on the same day with two or more hours in between.

Often one event takes place in the early morning or afternoon with the celebration taking place in the evening.

Examples include:

  • Wedding ceremony and a reception
  • Mitzvah and party
  • Reunion activities and dinner
  • Conference and evening events
  • Speaking event and cocktail hour
  • Baptism and luncheon

The time required to travel between venues and breaks for meals is considered part of standard continuous coverage. They are not considered wait times.

If a wait time is interrupted and/or photography coverage continues during the wait time, then standard hourly rates for service apply.

Wait time fees are offered at a reduced rate compared to regular coverage.