Wedding Day Emergency Kit Essentials

Be prepared! Over the years, my emergency kit for weddings continues to grow. You just never know what you must have on hand, just in case!

The end goal: Make sure you, your wedding party, and your guests look top-notch in photos.


Keep wardrobe malfunctions in check with a variety of fashion accessories to the rescue!


If wearing heels, protect the skinny tips and keep them from sinking into grass or dirt with heel cap protectors. I first learned of these amazing slide-on plastic tips when I used to compete in ballroom dancing. They always kept my heels lasting longer and gave just a little extra bit of traction on slippery floors. For outdoor weddings, these are invaluable in protecting fabric-covered heels and give you that extra thickness to keep you from sinking into soggy or wet grassy areas.


Keep earrings from slipping off your lobes with plastic earring backs. This large quantity will not only serve you well at your wedding but makes a great extra touch when gifting earrings to your wedding party.

Fashion Tape

Hold your clothing and hemlines comfortably against your skin. Prevent embarrassing slips, visible straps, or sagging necklines. Unlike pins, double-sided fashion tape is invisible to everyone but you.

Sewing Kit

Sometimes a safety pin just won’t do, you actually need to sew something up. Enter the sewing kit, a great collection of needles and thread to get the job done.

Liquid Paper

Only recommended in the direst of situations, Liquid Paper paints over blood, wine, or other colored stains on white fabric. The trick, however, is making sure that the white-ness matches your dress. NOTE: THIS IS A LAST RESORT. Test on the underside of your dress for matching. This may ruin your dress in the long term and should only be used in an emergency.

Help Grow This List!

Have a wedding tip to share? Please leave a helpful tip in the comments to add to this list! Thank you for helping out wedding couples on their big day.