Frequently Asked Questions

by Anne

What is a Print Release?

A print release is a document that you can provide to your photographic lab when ordering prints. It essentially states that your photographer gives the lab permission to print photographs from the digital files for your own use.

I’ve heard some Colorado locations require permits. Is it expensive? How does the permit process work?

Yes, many locations require permits in Colorado. Often, hefty fines apply if you do not have the appropriate permits required for commercial photography. This applies to portrait, engagement, and wedding sessions.

I work with my clients to complete the permits to ensure compliance. Many times a certificate of insurance is required upon filing an application. The fees vary from free to several hundred dollars depending on the number of people in your group, number of hours, and the types of equipment that will be used.

Permits are used by city and government agencies to understand who will be filming in the area. The fees typically go toward the upkeep of the area.

Click here to visit the permits page for additional links to sites and their permit applications.

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