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Your gallery is complete! Access your photos from their cloud storage at any time from anywhere. Using the gallery is fairly intuitive. However, you may encounter a few questions about accessing and managing your photos as you get familiar with the features of your gallery.

The list below contains the most frequently asked questions I receive from clients. If your question does not appear on the list, please send me an email or use the contact form. I’m here to help.

client Gallery Faqs

Yes, absolutely! To share your gallery, forward your “photo gallery is ready” email notification that you received.

Remind your invitees to enter their own email addresses when signing into the gallery.

Copy/paste the gallery link located underneath the View Photos button in your gallery notification email. The URL follows this format: https://gallery.annestephensonphoto.com/YourGalleryName/

When sending your gallery link by email or text, simply omit the 4-digit PIN for downloading photos.

Love a photo? Use the heart icon to mark your favorites and keep them organized in a list. Or create multiple favorite lists. For more details, refer to this article: Gallery Favorites List.

Email addresses link to your favorites lists in the gallery. You will also receive a notification email when downloading photos and prior to the gallery expiration.

Anne Stephenson Photo does not spam email addresses submitted by your friends and family to view and download from the gallery.

Yes. Select the option to download the entire gallery. You will receive a notification with a download link in your email inbox.

Yes. Individual files may be downloaded rather than the entire gallery. Select the single download option.

Screenshots take on the color cast of your phone’s display or your laptop’s screen. Many times our devices fall short of true color and depict photos with an unwanted color cast or tint. Think about your night mode and how anything you see or screen grab omits the blue light and looks strangely off-color. Additionally, screen-shot photos lack the quality of your originals. For the best print results, download the photos. Or, if you want to share photos on social, use the share feature button.

No. The watermark appears on images when viewing them in the gallery. The high-resolution files you download do not have a watermark.

Yes, I work with a leading photography print lab that only services photographers and offers different papers and art formats. We review every order submitted for sizing and cropping before it goes to the lab for production. Prints and wall art ship directly to US address locations.

Luster, between glossy and matte paper, looks great in different types of light. Most importantly, it doesn’t show fingerprints.

The matte paper gives a great fine-art effect. Prints on matte paper look best under bright lighting to compensate for their duller finish. Matte prints also minimize reflections and glare.

3 months from the gallery’s release date.

You will receive an email notification two weeks, one week, and one day prior to the gallery expiration.

After a gallery expires, a re-activation fee applies. This covers the time of locating your archives files, reuploading the photos, and creating a new gallery. The replacement gallery expires in 30 days.

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