Photo Selection

The Culling Process

Photo selection, also known as culling, is the process of choosing the best photos from your event or photography session.

Culling by the photographer is a good thing as it saves significant time in your having to spend several hours or days going through a series of photos you wouldn’t want.

The images selected represent the key moments of your day and reflect a high quality of work.

What’s Rejected?

  • Duplicate photos
  • Unflattering images
  • Closed eyes of main subjects
  • Out-of-focus photos
  • Unintended photo-bombs, e.g someone unintentionally walking in front of the camera, blocking the scene
  • Sub-par quality images
  • Photos that may reflect negatively on an individual

How Many Photos Do I Receive?

Depending on the number of guests, type of event, amount of action, and number of candids, clients receive typically 50-100 photos per hour.