CU Boulder-Inspired Mitzvah: Ryan

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Ryan began his Mitzvah journey several months before his celebration date. A key component of his preparation included acquiring knowledge and essential experiences to move into adolescence and adulthood. Through the 13 Challenges Track, he took on a variety of activities to help him build independence and prepare for adulthood. These included life skills, quality time, Jewish history and knowledge, and volunteering.

Ryan’s 13 Challenges

  1. CPR Certification: Learning how to respond to emergencies.
  2. Physical Activity Commitment: Fostering a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Car Maintenance: Learning the practical real-life skills of jump-starting a car and changing a tire.
  4. Time with his Brothers: Sharing meaningful moments for lasting memories
  5. Time with his Grandmas: Cherishing time, activities, wisdom, and stories together.
  6. Time with his Grandpas: Valuing shared moments, engaging in activities, and exchanging wisdom.
  7. Family History: Delving into the past, learning about his heritage, and creating a family tree.
  8. Anne Frank and the Holocaust: Gaining a profound understanding of Jewish resilience and history.
  9. Hebrew Prayers and the Aleph Bet: Immersing himself in Jewish liturgy and language.
  10. Reading from The Torah: Achieving a milestone of his dedication and hard work.
  11. Making Challah and Analyzing “You’re So NOT Invited to My Bat Mitzvah: Combining cultural learning with fun and enhancing his appreciation for Jewish traditions.
  12. Serving Food to the Unhoused: Learning compassion and the value of helping others.
  13. Making and Serving Jewish Food at CU Hillel: Combining a love for cooking with community service.

The Ceremony

Ryan’s Mitzvah began with early-morning family photos on the picturesque grounds outside the Koenig Alumni Center at CU.

The ceremony itself took place outdoors in the beautiful fenced backyard of the Koenig Alumni Center. Ryan’s brothers, parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends all participated as honorees, making the ceremony a deeply personal and inclusive event.

Guests used umbrellas and stayed hydrated in the Boulder, Colorado sunshine with strategically placed water stations. Ryan’s mom expressed sincere gratitude to everyone for “sweating it out” with the family during the ceremony, acknowledging their presence and support.

Following the ceremony, Ryan and his family received an outpouring of congratulatory hugs and well-wishes from those attending. Guests noshed on coffee and donuts in the comfort of a white tent on the Alumni Center grounds. Everyone enjoyed lingering in the sunshine and spending time together in conversation.

CU Boulder-Inspired Theme

In addition to holding his Mitzvah at CU, Ryan chose to adopt the university’s colors for his theme. The decor throughout featured black, silver, and gold colors. The logo “RL” (Ryan’s initials) replaced the “CU” part of the logo on donuts, balloons, and decorations, adding a personalized touch to the event.

Evening Celebration

Later in the evening, the celebration moved to The Connection at the University Memorial Center at CU. Guests enjoyed a buffet, bowling, billiards, video games, ping pong, and dancing. A slideshow of milestone moments from Ryan’s life was projected on the big screens throughout The Connection, adding a sentimental touch to the festivities.

The dance party started with the traditional Hora dance where Ryan, his Mom, Dad, and brothers were lifted up on chairs as guests danced in concentric circles around them. Between general dancing and assorted games, guests fueled up with various Mexican-inspired dishes and candy. To stay cool, everyone enjoyed fluffy shaved ice treats topped with various flavors and toppings from NoCo Sneaux for a refreshing finish to the day.

Final Thoughts

Ryan, congratulations on your incredible Be Mitzvah journey. From mastering CPR and car maintenance to deepening your family bonds and giving back to the community, you have shown what it means to step into adulthood with responsibility and heart. We’re looking forward to seeing all of the amazing things you’ll achieve. Mazel Tov!

CU Boulder-Inspired Vendor Team

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