Memorable Morrison Wedding: Nicole + Bryan

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Nicole and Bryan’s Memorial Day weekend wedding unfolded as a beautiful and memorable event, featuring scenic beauty, selected traditions, and a touch of Colorado. From their high school meeting to their elegant wedding day, they thoughtfully planned every detail to create an unforgettable celebration that was uniquely their own.

From High School to the Rockies

Nicole and Bryan’s love story began in high school gym class where they first met. Fast forward over the years, time brought them closer together and their relationship evolved. Bryan chose Rocky Mountain National Park as the perfect place to propose to Nicole. This location held a special place in their hearts for its stunning landscapes and natural beauty.

Wedding Colors

The wedding colors reflected both elegance and the natural beauty of Colorado. Pine green, light pink and ivory were the the primary colors, creating a serene and sophisticated palette. The couple incorporated these colors into the various aspects of the wedding, from the floral arrangements to the maid of honor’s dress and other details along the way.

Family Adventures

Nicole’s immediate family arrived a week before the wedding to explore Colorado. They took in the beautiful landscapes, enjoying hikes and local attractions, like a tour at Coors Brewery. This time together provided an opportunity for family connection before the wedding festivities began.

Guests from Afar

Many friends and family members traveled from New Jersey to join Nicole and Bryan on their special day. Over 40 people attended the ceremony at the Historic Morrison Church and the reception at The Fort Restaurant in Morrison. The guest count made for an intimate, yet lively celebration.

Classic White Church Wedding

The ceremony held at the Historic Morrison Church provided a quaint and historic backdrop for their vows. Nicole and Bryan chose to forgo the first look, adhering to the tradition of Bryan seeing Nicole for the first time as she walked down the aisle. At the end of the ceremony, the bride’s cousin Will rang the church bells to announce the couple’s moment to all of Morrison.

Scenic Couple’s Photos

After the ceremony, Nicole and Bryan mingled with their guests to enjoy congratulatory hugs, take a few family photos in front of the church, and enjoy the moment. Following this, they escaped to Mount Falcon East, a JeffCo park featuring views of the historic Red Rocks venue. Here they took couple’s photos with the breathtaking beauty of the Morrison Trailhead providing a sweeping vista for their portraits.

A Relaxed Reception

The reception at The Fort restaurant gave the couple and their guests a true Colorado experience. Guests enjoyed a relaxed atmosphere in the St. Vrain Council Room and the adjoining St. Vrain Bar. They also had access to the courtyard which contained benches by a crackling fire pit, corn hole games, and historic items like a working pillory. Everyone enjoyed apps and cocktails, dinner, dessert, and after-dinner drinks.

Unique Highlights

One of the standout moments of the reception was the dramatic Tomahawk Champagne Toast before dinner. After uncorking the champagne with a Tomahawk, everyone raised their glasses and gave a mountain man and woman toast (scroll down or click link for the toast!) to the couple.

At dusk, Nicole and Bryan participated in a special firing of The Fort’s on-site cannon. Nicole initiated the ceremonious happening with a sword and Bryan, under the guidance of the staff dressed in historic soldier uniforms, lit the cannon for a huge boom that dramatically sounded off the celebration.

Best Wishes

Congratulations, Nicole and Bryan! May your journey together be filled with endless love, happiness, adventure, and quirky fun moments. Here’s to a lifetime of cherished memories! As the mountain men would say, “Waugh!”

Wedding Team


If you’re looking for a truly Colorado toast, grab a glass and look no further than The Fort Restaurant. This historical toast will contain sufficient mountain spirit to wish everyone well. Waugh!

“Here’s to the childs what’s come afore (glass in right hand, held at shoulder)
And here’s to the pilgrims, what’s come arter (glass in right hand, arm extended)
May yer trails be free of griz (left hand over glass, making clawing motion with fingers)
Yer packs filled with plews (left and right arms extend out, making a circle)
And fat buffler in yer pot! (glass extended, left hand rub/points at your belly)
Waugh! (extend hand with glass)

*Childs – what the mountain men called one another
*Pilgrim – lightly derisive term used by mountain men for the “sod-busting” covered wagon migrants traveling west
*Arter – after
*Griz – Grizzly bear, a major cause of death for the mountain men
*Plews – large beaver pelts, originating from the French word “plus,” pronounced PLU
*Fat buffler in yer pot – Fat, tasty buffalo in your belly
*Waugh – Historic mountain man exclamation, meaning “cheers” or “right on”

– From The Fort Restaurant’s Facebook Pages


Where is the Historic Morrison Church located?

The Historic Morrison Church is located at 111 Market Street, Morrison, CO 80465. It is a charming and historic venue perfect for intimate weddings

What is the best time of year to get married in Colorado?

Colorado offers beautiful year-round scenery, but many couple prefer late spring through early fall for weddings to take advantage of the mild weather and the lush landscapes.

How can we incorporate local traditions into our Colorado wedding?

Incorporating local traditions can include selecting a venue with historic significance, using Colorado-inspired decor, or including unique activities such as the Tomahawk Champagne Toast at The Fort.

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