Moon and Stars Baby Shower: Bruz Beers Edition

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In Denver’s Midtown, an out-of-this-world destination baby shower unfolded at Bruz Beers for soon-to-be parents Becky and Jaron of Austin, Texas. Hosted by sister-in-law Robie, this co-ed gathering focused on a theme of the moon and stars, drawing together a close-knit circle of family and friends. The atmosphere? Effortlessly fun, laid-back, and irresistibly charming.

The Venue

Bruz Beers, a neighborhood gathering place frequented by Robie and her husband for its relaxing and friendly atmosphere, became the backdrop for this celestial gathering. Known for its artisanal brews and welcoming ambiance, one side of the brewery was transformed into a galaxy of celebration, marking the perfect setting for an event dedicated to welcoming a new life into the world.

Mini-Grazing Table

At one corner of the festivities, several tables pushed together hosted a so-called “mini” grazing area from Taylor-Made Grazing Boards. This culinary bounty included an abundance of fruits, cheeses, crackers, charcuterie, and nuts artfully displayed on brown paper. Several hand-written notes identified cheese types, while interspersed flowers and celestial picks decorated the display with the shower’s theme. These delectable snacks paired well with the array of Bruz Beers on tap all of which were graciously sponsored by Rhen and Natty, the family’s cherished pets.

Sweet Universe

No baby shower would be complete without sweets. An over-the-moon-themed cake took center stage. Several plates holding pink stars and purple moon desserts fashioned as faux Little Debbie brand snack cakes orbited around the cake. These gave a whimsical nod to the expecting mother’s frequent cravings. 

Maternity Photos

At the beginning of the party, the hostess set aside time for Becky and Jaron, stars of the day, to slip out for a maternity photo session. Since the brewery was just opening there was time to take advantage of the inside couches, plants, and large wooden casks as comfortable and striking backdrops. Outdoors, architectural elements of the building along with several colorful walls in cool and warm tones also made the perfect photo backdrops. The images captured the laughter and fun of the day along with the anticipation of the couple’s family beginnings.

Fun Games

Several games entertained and engaged guests plus gave them a chance to be competitive for prizes. One involved guessing Becky’s age in various photos. Another activity forbade everyone, including the photographer, to utter the word “baby.” Guests wore a single clothespin on their shirts and if they inadvertently said baby, anyone within earshot was entitled to grab their clothespin and place it on their collar. The person with the most clothespins at the end of two hours won a prize. Another scratch-off game required guests to find the correct face of the expecting father. Each winner received an Amazon gift card contained in an envelope shaped like a diaper.

Name Revelation

The event concluded with a surprise announcement of Becky and Jaron’s chosen name for their baby girl. However, in a twist of mystery, the couple still guarded the secret date when their newborn will arrive. Everyone will be guessing until July when Lorraine Avery will make her appearance.


The moon and stars baby shower at Bruz Beers not only celebrated the impending arrival of Becky and Jaron’s baby girl, but made for a day filled with love, laughter, and the making of unforgettable memories. As friends and family departed, they left with hearts as full as the night sky, reminded of the beauty and wonder that life continually brings. 

Moon and Stars Shower Team

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