Wes Anderson Meets Meow Wolf – Wedding Inspiration

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What’s the perfect antidote for the winter blues that feels almost like magic? For me, it was participating in an editorial content day on March 16th, 2024 at Void Studios in Denver. Imagine stepping into a space where creativity knows no bounds, and the mundane rules of reality don’t apply. That was the essence of the “Wes Anderson Meets Meow Wolf” Editorial Content Day orchestrated by Ethereal Wedding & Event Planning at Void Studios for a select group of photographers.

Karissa’s Whimsical World

The mastermind behind the day’s styled sets was Karissa McIntire from Ethereal Wedding & Event Planning in Fort Collins, Colorado. Her vision blended Wes Anderson’s symmetrical and colorful aesthetics with the surreal, immersive experiences of Meow Wolf. The result? A collection of wildly styled sets that were quirky, vibrant, and a bit trippy. It was maximalism at its best – a playground for photographers eager to explore and push their creative boundaries.

The Venue: Void Studios Studio A

With 3600 square feet of space, expansive high ceilings, and a white cyclorama, Studio A of Void Studios offered the perfect blank canvas. This expansive and well-lit space beckoned for creativity, setting the stage for a talented ensemble of wedding vendors to unleash a kaleidoscope of colors and themes, all defying the ordinary.

The Styled Sets

Our sets for the day showcased several different scenes, each with its unique vibe. The most striking set featured an electrifying tablescape complete with place settings, stunning florals, decor, and a magnificent cake. A colorful canvas in florals and a ceremony station with additional florals completed the scene. A flat-lay station with stationery and assorted memorabilia provided the finishing touch for detail photos.

Floral Fantasies and Set Design

Blumenhaus provided the extraordinary floral arrangements. The whimsical and weird set designs, paired with these out-of-world florals, created scenes that were a visual treat. It felt like each setup was meticulously crafted to be a standalone piece of art.

The Faces of the Day

No editorial shoot is complete without models. For this session, we had the pleasure of working with Amani David, Mary Grace, Lyndsey Randolph, Maia Warner, and Casey Langenbahn, along with Phil the dog, and his human handler, Lauren. Their vibe and personality gave life to each set, making the photographs captivating.

A Space for Creation and Learning

What set this editorial content day apart from others I’ve participated in was its intimate setting, sense of playfulness, and a feeling of community. Photographers had ample space to work and create, without stepping on each other’s toes. Moreover, the day served as a learning experience, with Hennessy Photo Co. providing posing guidance, helping everyone level up their skills.

Final Thoughts

This day at Void Studios was more than just a photo session; it was an invitation to defy wedding conventions, and most importantly, a testament to the power of collective imagination. For anyone in the wedding industry wanting to stretch their creative imagination, check out local editorial photo sessions as the gateways to new realms of possibility.

Wes Anderson Meets Meow Wolf: Editorial Content Day Vendor Team

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