A man and woman in wedding attire dodge bubbles created by their guests during their ceremony exit.

Wedding Bubble Ideas and Tips

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Magic Bubbles!

Looking to add a fun, ethereal, and nostalgic touch to your wedding day? Include those iridescent spheres of magic from your childhood commonly called bubbles!

Here are a few different ways to bring the joyfulness and playfulness of bubbles to your special day.

Pretty white decorative bubbles on a carved wood table placed in front of the guest's chairs at a wedding.

Confetti After the Ceremony

Rather than non-environmentally friendly confetti, swap in bubbles to herald your new status as married.

You can select either an old-fashioned basket of pretty individual bubble pots for your guests to take, or have a few members of your wedding party use battery-operated bubble guns that get the job done. It all depends on how interactive and surprising you would like the experience to be.

Bubbles work best in outdoor settings. For an enclosed space, check with the venue for their policies and restrictions.

A man in a suit and woman in a wedding dress depart their vow renewal ceremony down the aisle as guests blow bubbles in celebration.


  • Check with your venue for indoor policies on bubbles.
  • Let your photographer know where and when your bubble moments will be taking place. They may have a suggestion on optimal spots with the best backgrounds to show off your bubbles and make them visually pop.
  • Select scenes with darker backgrounds to really show off the pretty iridescent qualities of your bubbles.
  • Incorporate bubbles during selected parts of your day to involve your guests and create ambiance.
  • Make sure your bubbles are environmentally friendly, non-toxic to children, and don’t stain.
  • Get your bubbles in bulk at places like Amazon.
  • Look into bubble guns to get the maximum effect of bubbles and ensure guests stay neat and tidy. These also work great for people with asthma or breathing challenges.
  • Bring extra batteries and refills for your bubble guns.
  • Include bubbles at not only weddings but during other portrait sessions, particularly those with children.
  • Test your bubbles out before the big day to see how well the wands work and if you like the size and shape!

Party Favor Bubbles

A young girl selects a bottle of bubbles that are in a white container with a wand shaped in a heart at the end of the stick.

Leave pots of bubbles at each person’s table setting for the reception. Bubble pots come in a variety of wedding-themed shapes such as those with double hearts on the tip of the wands. One fun style sports a champagne-shaped bottle. Encourage the blowing of bubbles by your guests as part of the toasts or speeches.

Children, in particular, find bubbles entertaining and these may be a great asset in the pre-dinner hour. You may want to purchase a few additional larger-sized bubble party favors to last the evening.

Unused bubbles make great parting guests for your guests to take home and remember your celebration. Ask your guests to take a photo with their bubbles and post it on social media to celebrate your one-month anniversary.

First Dance Ambiance

Add a little whimsy to the first dance, if you’re having one, by asking the crowd to surround you with bubbles. Keep friends and family engaged with your dance by blowing bubbles around you as you twirl and dip.

A young girl blows bubbles in anticipation of the vow renewal exit as a relative watches nearby.


Give a sentimental nod to your childhood by including bubbles in your portraits. You may include these during the first look or after the ceremony during your couple’s portraits. A simple prop like bubbles can make for beautiful, simple, and intimate photos that are memorable for years to come.

A young boy watches in amazement as a machine rapidly creates bubbles.
A young boy enjoys bubbles created by a battery-operated bubble gun.

My Bubble Experience

Many of my clients hosting outside weddings include bubbles at the conclusion of their ceremonies. While this often reflects their personalities, bubbles also serve as a great alternative when venues forbid confetti on their premises.

On a related note, bubbles aren’t just for weddings! I include a bubble break during some of my family portrait sessions with toddlers. The products below have been a hit with younger and older kids alike.

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