Expectant parents hold hands in a loft jungle during their maternity photo session.

Unique Jungle Indoor Maternity Photo Session

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Maternity sessions should be fun, memorable, and most importantly capture your unique personality as a couple. After all, you want your photos to be in a meaningful location, potentially incorporate your interests, and ideally stand out from everyone else’s sessions. Just like this unique jungle indoor maternity photo session.

Down-to-Earth Vision

For Jez and Mark’s session, they wanted an indoor location with a more natural vibe than a staged studio. Something that felt warm and organic compared to the snow and cold temperatures outside.

They also wanted a casual look and feel to their photos vs. ornate outfits and over-the-top unreal-looking portraits.

Unique Indoor Jungle (with a Banana Tree!)

It took some research, but we found a spectacular natural indoor location in Englewood for the session that transported us far away from the Denver snow.

The space contained several tropical plants growing in 70% humidity and a 13-foot banana tree to boot.

“The location made us feel like we were in the tropics which is apropos because we honeymooned in Key West.”

Jez & Mark

Thanks to ZTY Palmcare we had the perfect magical jungle oasis where we could capture these beautiful moments.

Jungle Indoor Maternity Photo Session Gallery

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