Lay-Flat Photo Books

Immerse your eye in remarkable photography and precious memories. Nothing interrupts the beauty and nothing breaks the mood with lay-flat photo books. Why would anyone want a gutter, gap, or seam down the middle of their cherished photos?

The seamless, full-view construction is flat-out gorgeous. The book remains open and on display without needing to apply pressure with your hand or use a plate of brownies to keep it from flopping over. Rather than futzing around with the mechanics of the book, just open and admire.

Recommended # of Images

Narrowing down the many photographs of your day and choosing your favorite images for a photo book is a difficult task. Many of my clients like to select their own images. Others ask for my expertise in selecting images that tell their story. Regardless of how your images are selected, use the guidelines below in selecting your overall number of images.

2 pages = 1 spread

  • 20 pages (10 spreads) = approximately 32 images
  • 30 pages (15 spreads) = approximately 50 images
  • 40 pages (20 spreads) = approximately 65 images
  • 50 pages (25 spreads) = approximately 80 images
  • 60 pages (30 spreads) = approximately 95 images
  • 70 pages (35 spreads) = approximately 110 images
  • 80 pages (40 spreads) = approximately 95 images

New Photo Books to Come!

We are currently in the process of updating our photo book options. Stay tuned for an update in the near future.


Photo books are available in three square sizes.

  • Small, 8″ x 8″
  • Medium, 10″ x 10″
  • Large, 12″ x 12″

These not only reflect modern trends but enable you to easily size your book down for parent or relative photobooks.

Cost-Saving Tip:
Don’t pay for extra design costs. Keep your photo book design the same. Then, shrink it to a smaller size for parents, relatives, and your wedding party. Magic!


You are not alone, my friend! Selecting photos down to your absolute all-time few favorites can be a challenge. If you’re stuck, check out this blog post designed to make the process easy and fun. Read post >

Both albums and photo books deliver on presenting your photos in a keepsake format. It’s much easier to snuggle up on the couch with a glass of your favorite beverage and look at your photos in book format, versus a USB.

Some key differences: Photo books definitely give a more modern feel than a traditional album. They are more budget and kid-friendly. I love how they easily stay open. You can wipe off smudges on the pages by buffing gently with a microfiber cloth. I give photo books as gifts to my extended family and years later, I’m still getting rave reviews. I personally think they get more hands-on time. People aren’t as intimated by photo books as compared to an album.

Traditional albums, however, for me really have that polished wow factor. They are elegant and make a great impression. The level of quality is beautiful.

At the end of the day, how you tell your story is a personal reflection of function and taste. Know that with either, you will have a cherished storybook for years to come.