Waterlogue App Review

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Watercolor Effects for Your iPhone Photos

I love painting, but don’t love the time involved.
So of course, when I found an app for my iPhone with watercolor effects called Waterlogue, I invested in it.

Side note: Fingers crossed, there will be an Android equivalent soon, but for now, Waterlogue serves the iOS population. Sorry. 🙁
After playing with Waterlogue, I found it pretty easy to apply the 12 different watercolor effects laid out in a ribbon at the bottom of the screen. In addition to these filters, you can change the size of the brush strokes, the brightness and add a border, if desired. Overall, using the app proved fairly intuitive.
It takes a little while to get a feel for what types of images convert best. I had much better success with animals, objects or still life type images vs. people. While I haven’t included people images here, search your Instagram feed with the hashtag #waterlogue for examples of photographs where people worked splendidly.
Painted in WaterlogueWhen you’ve finished applying effects, you can save your final work of art to your photo roll or off to the social media world to share with Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr.
Before saving, be sure to check the Image Settings at the bottom of the share screen, far right, to select the final format and size of your image. You can save in JPG or PNG format in small, medium, large or original sizes. Just be aware that if you want the Waterlogue settings to show in your metadata, you must use JPG.
I found a couple of great visual tutorials out there to help you get up to speed with the basics and seeing examples.

I hope you have fun experimenting with your photos and would love to hear what you think about Waterlogue.
In case you’re wondering, the toucan and pelican photographs on this page came from shots taken at the Tracy Aviary in Utah. The floral photo, below, started with a photograph of a pea blossom taken at La Nay Ferme, a biodynamic farm in Provo.
Painted in Waterlogue
What innovative apps are you using? I love apps under $5, like this one, that don’t break the budget. Drop me a line in the comments field and let me know.

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