Event photography from KUER's Sustainer Summer Bash.

Event Photography: KUER Sustainer Bash

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Games, Music, Food and Tours Highlight Sustainer Radio Party

Outdoor event photography often proves tricky with uncooperative weather. Fortunately, Mother Nature decided to blow away the rain clouds and storms June 12 just in time for a perfect outdoor evening at KUER’s Sustainer Summer Bash.

Held at the Eccles Broadcast Center,  KUER sustainers and their families enjoyed touring the station, meeting KUER staff, participating in entertaining and challenging games, and listening to the music of Bullets & Belles. Gourmet food trucks Bruges Waffle Bus and the Chow Truck* parked nearby offering sweet and savory treats for hungry participants.
From a personal perspective, I enjoyed seeing the KUER team in their home environment. Getting a behind the scenes view and seeing people’s reactions to sitting in “the chair” for Radio West’s Doug Fabrizio made for a fun evening. The tour guides answered any and every question–they even supplied a few popular questions with their answers when the crowd got a bit shy.
Overall, the weather, music, food and family activities made for a great way to celebrate being a KUER sustainer.
(*Editor’s Note: The Chow Truck closed after the publication of this article in June 2018. See article.)

KUER’s Sustainer Summer Bash Event Photography Gallery

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