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The Final Stop: Boulder

What do you do when your friends live around the country and you don’t want to burden them with the expense of traveling to your wedding?

For Kate and Chandler, that meant having a small, intimate family wedding in their home town, Chicago. Then, over the next year, they made stops at key locations to celebrate with friends. Hence, the wedding tour was born.

The final stop in the country-wide wedding tour took place in September at a backyard celebration in Boulder. Friends of the couple put together a casual, but elegant post-wedding event.

Wedding Tour Details

Many touches contributed to the wedding theme without looking or feeling overly bridal. The bride wore flowers in her hair from her mother’s wedding gown. The decor included an album of the ceremony and reception held back in Chicago. Also, a sign welcomed guests to take an instant photo or leave sage advice for the couple on floral-decorated paper. A printed copy of the wedding vows also helped friends feel connected to the main event.

The evening sparkled with twinkle lights wrapped around trees and the post of the historic chair lift in the backyard. Speaking of, the chair lift holds memories for the hosts and has even been the site of an engagement proposal for two of their friends.

Cheers and Eats

After snacking on appetizers and socializing, the hostess gathered everyone for a few emotional words and a celebratory toast addressed to the wedding couple.

Following the toast, the chef (a good friend of the bride) reviewed the buffet menu for the evening. She managed to cook the entire meal at a nearby Airbnb throughout the day and brought everything over to the party.

Everyone enjoyed dining on the amazing fare and taking time out for a photo or two on the chair lift to commemorate the evening.

Best wishes Kate and Chandler on your new life together! May your celebration of marriage continue for many years to come.

Wedding Tour Photo Highlights

Elegant table flowers
Guests assemble at a friend's house in Boulder, Colorado for a back yard party celebrating the recent wedding of their friends in Chicago.
Guests gather in a friend's backyard to celebrate the recent wedding of their friends.
An appetizer plate featuring assorted cheeses, grapes and nuts.
A charcuterie plate on a table with a red tablecloth at an outdoor wedding reception celebration.
Two men engage in lively conversation at a backyard party.
A table displaying the bride and groom's wedding album
A table with a sign asking guests to leave advice for the bride and groom on slips of paper.
Instax mini 9 camera for the guests to take photographs at the backyard wedding party celebration.
The family dog camps out at the appetizer table waiting for any crumbs to fall.
The bride engages in conversation with her Boulder friends gathered to celebrate her recent wedding in Chicago.
The hostess holds her infant son as she talks to guests at the party held for her recently married friend.
A woman and man are greeted by the hostess at a party celebrating the recent wedding of their friend.
A guest sits in a chair and looks at his friend's wedding album of photos.
Close up of a guest thumbing through the pages of his friend's wedding album of photos.
A cutting board filled with bruschetta appetizers topped with cheese and cherry tomatoes.
The hostess uses tongs to restock bites of food on the appetizer table.
A man makes a point by using a hand gesture during party conversation at a backyard wedding celebration.
A man makes a point by using a hand gesture during party conversation at a backyard wedding celebration.
A friend of the bride in a beautiful blue dress smiles and enjoys a cocktail after preparing food for the party.
Close up of flowers in the bride's hair repurposed from her mother's wedding dress.
A woman uses her finger to make a point in the discussion with three friends.
Two male friends walk with arms wrapped around each other's shoulders.
Votive candles and twinkle lights create a beautiful ambiance for the back yard party.
Two couples pose on the historic ski chair where they each received their wedding engagement proposals.
The hostess begins the toasts at a party celebrating the marriage of her friends.
Hostess says a few words to her recently married friends as the guests look on.
Hostess says a few words to her newly married friends and makes them laugh as the guests look on.
Wide view of guests at a backyard party toasting their recently married friends.
Close up of bride and groom laughing.
Everyone raises a glass of cheer to their newly married friends.
The bride hugs the hostess.
The food, including this pasta salad with tomatoes and ribbons of basil, was prepared by the bride's best friend.
Close up of a woman serving a salad with tongs.
Close up of a man sprinkling parmesan cheese on his salad plate.
A close up of a woman scooping brussels sprouts off of a platter onto her plate.
A woman stirs a pasta salad at a backyard party where she prepared all of the food.
The bride at a backyard wedding celebration fills her plate with pasta salad from a delectable food buffet created by her friend.
Guests assemble at tables with red cloths and sit down on white chairs at this casual evening backyard wedding party.
Three best women friends sit on a ski chair in a friend's backyard.
A group photo of friends sit on a  historic chair lift in a friend's backyard where several of their wedding proposals took place.

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