A wedding ring with a sapphire stone in the center on top of a favorite Bible passage.

Kristen + John: Evergreen Love

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Friendly Matchmaking

Friends know us inside and out. They love our quirks, dream our dreams with us, and also see with an amazing flash of insight the missing partner in our lives long before we do.

Kristen and John found themselves matched through a mutual friend. After the introduction, they started going out together and soon discovered a beautiful relationship evolving.

The winter following, John proposed the following December on Kristen’s birthday at Evergreen Lake. Her entire family witnessed the event on the snowy boardwalk that day. An elegant engagement ring with a sapphire stone in the center made things official.

Pre-Event Moments

The couple chose a beautiful September wedding day to exchange their vows and celebrate with family and friends. Both the ceremony and the reception were held at Christ the King Catholic Church in Evergreen, Colorado.

Kicking things off, the day started with the bride and her attendants getting ready in the spacious and comfortable women’s room at the church. Following hair and makeup preparation, Kristen gave each participant a gift with a handwritten note. Everyone reacted with hugs and tears, quickly emptying the tissue box.

The attendants finished getting ready for the day, changing into striking jewel-tone colored dresses of navy, yellow gold, ink blue, dark green, and burgundy.

After getting ready, the bridal couple shared a semi-private moment (the bridal party looking on from the deck above) for a “first look”. They choose a special spot at the church, a shrine devoted to Mary that John had helped construct many years ago. The couple took a few minutes to just be together before moving into the activities of the day.

Friend and Family Support

Family members and friends offered their support to carry out John and Kristen’s vision for a perfect day. Many volunteered their time and talents (see credits in the details section below). A team of 21 attendants witnessed the ceremony and vow-making in the church.

Afterward, everyone walked across the hall to the reception area containing beautifully decorated tables and uplighting supplied by the DJ. The cocktail hour featured pretzels with honey butter for dipping. The evening progressed following a prayer after which guests enjoyed feasting on a macaroni buffet with assorted salads.

Several members of the wedding party toasted the couple recounting serious and humorous moments. A first dance and a father-daughter dance inspired the rest of the guests to take to the dance floor making it a jam-packed celebration. Finally, a special anniversary dance celebrated how many years couples were married, awarding the longest-married couple with $100 cash!

In Closing

Best wishes to Kristen and John on your new life together. Your love, deep faith, and support of your family and friends will keep you strong in building your relationship together. May you find joy and happiness in the years ahead!

Evergreen Love Wedding Details

Venue: Christ the King Catholic Church, Evergreen
Officiant: Fr Dave Pivonka
Musicians: Joia Farmer, Matt Miller, and David Yang
Coordinator: Michele Gangaware
Stylists: Samantha Klaver, Heidi Fessler, and Lindsay
Videographer: Chris Moore
Florist: Katie Drehs
Caterers: Greg Phee and Brittany
DJ: Mark Evevard
Cake Baker: Hannah Gamache
Additional support and thanks to Karen and Danny Dorman, Abbie and Carl Carter, Pat and Jenna McMeneman, James Klausner, Robert Klausner, Sean Parsons, Joey Griess, Kathy Jansen, Jess George, Frannie Lorenzi, Traci High, Sarah Nickel, Annie and Matt Wiliamson, Peg and Sam Harakal, Sammy Harakal, Heather Stewart, Fr. Dave Pivonka, Fr. Shane Mathew, Doug and Connie Ireland, Gary Pate, and Jess Alesso.

Gallery Sneak Peek

A wedding ring with a sapphire stone in the center on top of a favorite Bible passage.
A brides wedding dress framed by the warm wood panels of a window and the pine trees outside.
Two panel image showing a close up of lace embroidery on the bride's dress and the bodice of the wedding dress hanging in a window.
A young girl holds a white gift box with a red ribbon given to her by the bride for being a part of the wedding party.
Dressed in relaxed attire, a mom and her young daughter open gifts from the bride during the getting ready part of the wedding day.
Close up of a pendant given to a member of the wedding party by the bride.
One of the bride's attendants helps with fastening her sandals.
A close up view of the embroidery, lace, and buttons on the back side of the bride's wedding dress.
The bride approaches the groom from behind and waits for him to turn and see her during their first look prior to the ceremony.
The bride and groom playfully touch noses during their portrait session
The bride is held horizontally by the strong members of the grooms wedding party, all wearing sunglasses.
The bride positioned between her mother and father places her head on her dad's shoulder.
The groom makes a silly face for the bride before giving her a kiss.
The 19 member bridal party dressed in jewel tones poses with the bride and groom outdoors in a tree lined area with mountains in the back.
Exterior view with setting sun of Christ the King Catholic Church Evergreen Colorado.
The parents of the bride walk their daughter down the aisle of Christ the King Church in Evergreen.
Bird's eye view from the balcony of Christ the King Catholic Church as parent's of the bride give the bride and groom hugs at the altar.
The bride and groom exchange vows at Christ the King Catholic Church.
The bride and groom are all smiles as they walk down the aisle at the church together during the recessional
Evergreen love started with their Catholic faith for this couple, now kissing in their church in Evergreen, Colorado.
A large plaque reads "Let's go on an adventure." In front of the plaque, pieces of the board game Jenga wait to be signed with messages by the guests.
Pieces of the board game Jenga signed by the weddding guests.
Wooden doors with glass panels that open to the wedding reception.
A wide angle view of the reception area showcasing the tables with chairs covered in ivory fabric at Christ the King Catholic Church in Evergreen Colorado. The room glows with pinkish uplighting.
A close up of a plate held by a wedding guest that is filled with soft pretzels, dipping sauces and butter.
A close up of a table at a reception features ivory and warm browns along with a circular cut piece of natural wood. The wooden slice has been lettered with  calligraphy: Blanca Peak.
A buffet table containing mac and cheese and toppings at a wedding reception.
A traditional and elegant three-tiered wedding cake with buttercream frosting and elegant ivory roses here and there.
The bride and groom cut the chocolate cake at their wedding.
The bride and groom nicely feed cake to each other.
A wedding couple takes the floor during their first dance.
A bride and groom kiss at the end of their first dance celebration.
The bride's sister gives a toast as the wedding couple looks on from the sweetheart table.
The bride covers her mouth as she laughs during a toast by the groomsman.
The mother and aunt of the bride give a smile to the camera as they lean in and touch heads together.
A happy couple hold their daughter during the reception dancing.
An older couple holds up a one hundred dollar bill that they won during the dance celebrating the couple with the longest marriage anniversary.
A packed dance floor during the wedding reception.
Two young flower girls and two friends  groove to the music at a wedding reception.

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