Selena + Tomas: Crystal Rose Wedding Celebration

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Their Story

True love for some starts young and when you least expect it.

Selena and Tomas met at the sweet age of 16 when they worked at Chuck. E. Cheese. Two years after their first meeting, they decided to go out together. In time, they were blessed with little Tomas (at 18 months, he did a great job as ring bearer for his Mom and Dad!) This wedding officially brought together their family. Friends and family enjoyed celebrating the wedding and reception on June 29 at the Crystal Rose in Golden, Colorado.

The Crystal Rose Event

Selena and Tomas played it smart taking advantage of all the amenities of the Crystal Rose. In addition to the pretty lawn and gazebo outside, the Crystal Rose could move the ceremony indoors in the event of rain (which it didn’t!!!) Additionally, the venue provided a buffet dinner and elegant dining experience, all decorated in the bride’s beautiful color palette of plum, navy, and silver.

The reception included a host of toasts to the couple, the first dance, a traditional mother-son and father-daughter dance, bouquet toss, garter throw, and cake cutting. Even after lifting the bride (and groom) by their respective bridesmaids and groomsmen earlier in the day (see photos below) everyone had plenty of energy to cut loose and DANCE!!!


To Selena and Tomas (big and little), I wish you all much happiness, love, and prosperity. May you always find joy and time to dance and celebrate life, even when times get challenging. To your bright future together: Cheers!

The Crystal Rose wedding venue with an open front door.
The bride pays tribute to family members who have passed and are present in spirit.
Plum colored decor at the Crystal Rose, Golden, Colorado.
The bride and grooms rings.
The backyard gazebo creates a beautiful spot for an outdoor wedding at the Crystal Rose.
A bride and groom kiss at the end of a wedding at the Crystal Rose, Golden, Colorado.

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