Ashlee + Anthony: Backyard Sunset Wedding in Brighton

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Prairie Grasses and Romance

In the west, mountains may rule the land, but the prairie grasses and gentle breezes of the plains capture your heart.

Such was the romantic setting for Ashlee & Anthony’s Brighton, Colorado wedding.

Anthony’s parents, Robert and Libby, hosted the couple’s wedding on their beautiful acreage on the plains, inviting friends and family for a beautiful evening backyard wedding.

DIY Style

The couple produced a DIY-style wedding in the colors of burgundy and steel. The ceremony took place in the side yard with crisp white chairs and burgundy ribbons that fluttered in the cooling breeze.

A steel-gray colored runner in burlap ran the length of aisle and was strewn with burgundy-colored flower petals.

Two large posts at the front were wrapped in fabric and ribbons for an archway. Behind this, the couple created a securely rigged system of white gauzy fabric. This kept the street traffic out of view and made a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony.

A large white tent in the backyard gave plenty of shade to the guests from the setting sun. Later in the evening, everyone would assemble there for toasts, food, and dancing.

Ceremony Highlights

While holding true to tradition, Ashlee and Anthony’s ceremony had a bit of a personal twist at the end.

The groom decided to end the ceremony with a touch of humor. Prior to his kissing the bride, he turned to his best man for inspection. The best man adjusted Anthony’s jacket lapels and produced a bottle of minty breath spray.

Mission accomplished, the freshened up groom wrapped his arms around Ashlee, dipped her toward the ground and gave her a kiss.

He gently placed her upright and gave her another set of kisses to make sure on their promises to each other.

Before proceeding down the aisle, the couple asked everyone to stay in their chairs for an all-inclusive group photo. The couple wanted to capture the many relatives in attendance since the day felt like as much as a family reunion as it did a wedding.

Once the photo was taken, the immediate family moved on to sunset photos at the edge of the property.

Sunset Finish

At the request of Ashlee, Anthony’s father, Robert, had left the grasses on the property grow naturally prior to the wedding. This made a picture-perfect area for sunset photos. The light slipped away quickly and the crescent moon set during photos of the family and wedding couple.

Check out selected photos of the changing evening light in the sneak peek gallery preview below.

Final Words

Congratulations Ashlee & Anthony!

May all your days be filled with light, family, and love.

Sneak Peek Gallery

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