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How to Relax Before Your Wedding or Event

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How to Chill Out Before the Big Day

When a big event comes along, I’m all pins and needles with excitement. My brain kicks in on overdrive and before I know it, two hours pass by, and I start to stress about not sleeping.

If you suffer from event anticipation, as I do, it’s important to start getting sleep the week before your event. Harder said than done, but practicing getting to sleep and building a routine around it helps when that final night before a major event rolls around.

The better the sleep before a wedding helps ensure that you will enjoy your day. With so much to do and the build-up to the day, however, most brides find that the stress and excitement derail even the most perfect sleep plans.

So what’s a bride (or groom) to do?

Here are a few tips on how to relax before your wedding or event when your well-meaning brain gets the better of you.

Unplug Yourself and Your Phone

A newborn baby stretches and yawns before falling back to sleep.
Sleep like a baby by turning off your phone and all electronic devices to start on the path of sleep.

Start a night of unwinding by first unplugging your phone. Turn on the do not disturb feature to prevent any interruption of your snooze time. If this idea stresses you out, at minimum, silence your notifications.

Let your friends, family, and partner know in advance of your intentions. This serves to prevent them from freaking out when you don’t text or pick up the phone like you normally do.

Finally, limit your on-screen time before bed to limit your exposure to your devices. If you typically look at your phone in bed, start the week prior to break the habit. This sets you up on a new, phone-free routine the few days before to get you used to your new-found freedom and better snoozing.

Stress Away Bridal Insomnia with Light Exercise or Yoga

A calming workout room complete with yoga mats may be the perfect space to decompress before your wedding night and relieve insomnia.
Try light stretching or yoga to alleviate pre-wedding insomnia.

If you incorporate exercise on a daily basis, stick to your daily routine to help you sleep. Don’t engage in something new, however, as you don’t want to overdo it and physically tax your body. You want to enjoy those new shoes of yours and be able to dance on the dance floor tomorrow.

In the event insomnia hits, go to a different room and engage in some light stretching. A light yoga routine may also help your mind stop stressing over not being able to sleep.

You may also want to try a meditation or breathing app (download the week prior). Practice deep breathing, filling your belly with three deep breaths in a row. Hold them at the top and slowly exhale. Eventually your body will release and signal to your brain that it’s time to sleep.

Make A List and Do a Written Brain Dump

A wedding couple, their officiant and members of the bridal party sign the marriage license.
A newly married couple sign the marriage license with their officiant and witnesses following the ceremony.

Your head hits the pillow and the list-checking starts.

Marriage license. Check.

Emergency hair and makeup kit. Check.

Caterer fees paid. Check.

Why not write these mental lists on paper? Give your brain a break and a chance to decompress. Keep a pen and paper (not your phone) by the bed. Jot down any reminders, lists or ideas that pop in your head to ward off bridal insomnia.

Still can’t sleep? Give yourself 15 minutes to journal the thoughts jumbling around in your head. Or, write your partner a love letter. If you like to draw, do some rough sketches or thumbnails to get your brain on a different track.

Forgo Alcohol – Celebrate with Wine or Bubbly Tomorrow

Empty long-stem flutes ready to be filled with white wine or champagne.
Forgo drinking alcohol the night before your even to prevent waking up in the middle of the night.

While it might be tempting to uncork a bottle of wine and hunker down for the night, alcohol often messes up your sleep. You may fall asleep quickly, but your body wakes up at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning and you’re wide awake (trust me, this happens!)

If you’re looking for a solid night’s sleep, try an herbal non-caffeine tea, some warm lemon water, or almond/cow milk. According to Intermountain Healthcare’s site, they recommend ten different drinks to help with insomnia. Interesting ideas include coconut water (lots of B vitamin) and tart cherry juice. Check here to check out this post for ideas.

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